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Previous Art Thoughts

Here are links (and some encouraging comments) to my previous art struggles on my WITWIM blog:

Technical Skills - June 30, 2009
A Revolutionary Road - June 8, 2009

Hello Old Friend, 

My hope for you is threefold: be honest with yourself and your passions; in your art speak the truth as best as you can understand it; and, finally I hope you are able to show patience and compassion for yourself as you seek to figure all this out. 

Friar TuckAnonymous
 Friar Tuck said...
I'm not talking about being constantly innovative in technique. Despite what you may have heard it is okay to paint in a style that is your own and stay with it. Do you think Shakespeare arbitrarily ripped up drafts of MacBeth because the English words had already been used? Or that Beethoven never composed his Fifth Symphony because everybody's heard a French horn before? They wrote and composed using commonly understood techniques. But what they said, the truth they were trying to communicate, was sometimes provocative. However, the goal wasn't to be provocative for innovation's sake. It was a byproduct of their search of honesty. One could say the same of Picasso. We have become so distrustful of anything resembling truth in the 20th century--and I understand why--but Craft seems to have entirely replaced Message. If you want to paint, paint honestly. Style and technique are the means not the end.
Hi Michal,
This segment reminded me of the times you would torment us with your angst about some decision or direction for yourself. You would solicit everyone's opinions, and then do what you felt was right to do. I found this segment and the responses deeply moving, as the issues you struggle with apply to us all in some way. As a note of encouragement, a couple of days ago I was sitting next to J.H. at Ryan's play, and he told me how he was profoundly moved by your series called 'The Human Right'. He said the effect stayed with him for a long time after. You recalled to me how important it was for you to treat the people you encountered in Africa with dignity...and I think you captured that truth in your presentation.
Careers - May 6, 2009
Friar Tuck said:
Great questions. I trust your ability to discern and be truthful with yourself.

All the Good Things - June 8, 2008

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