Thursday, 22 October 2015

Artist Archive List of On-line Art Submissions Sites

This is my list of on-line art submissions sites that ideally I would peruse through every month. I am more sporadic than that. A lot of artists ask me where I find submissions for exhibitions and these are my top places to look on-line. This list for me is an extremely valuable resource.

This site has a small number of really good submissions. My best exhibition that came from this site was a group show in Poland. I was flown there, put up in a hotel, fed, and attended the opening at a major cultural institution. An all expenses paid exhibition. Did I mention they also paid for my installation art piece to be manufactured and paid for?

This is a massive site with so many submission deadlines it can be overwhelming. But they also have a lot of on-line resources for artists. They have deadline lists for each month plus a list of rolling deadlines. Also included are residencies and so much more.

THE ARTERY (Canada) (click on pdf)
This is a big submission list in Canada. Excellent and includes residencies and international submissions. (UK) (UK - good idea to join their mailing list for deadlines) (UK)

Mailing lists of submissions (Canada) (go to Contact and apply for your region of choice)

If you know of any more good submission lists, leave a comment with a link, and I will add the comment.

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